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International Lecturers

Nathaniel Buzolic

Teaches the message of Caesarea Philippi

Todd and Julie Mullins

Teach on the account of the Shepherds Fields

Ps Glyn Barrett

Teaches on Pentecost 33AD

Mark Varughese

Teaches on the account of the Transfiguration

Catrina Henderson

Teaches on the Sermon on the Mount

Dr. Juergen Buehler

Teaches on biblical elements of the Feast of Tabernacles

Ps Gbenga “PG” Ajewole

Teaches on Peter’s vision in Jaffa

Heidi Baker

Teaches on the Parabel of the Good Samaritan

Stefan Krust

Teaches on the account of the Garden

Andy Hopper

Teaches the Holy Land 2.0 concept

Josh Doyle

Teaches off the grid touring

Israeli Lecturers

Ziv Gutmacher

Host & Moderator Keshet Journeys

Ariel Fogelman

Teaches on Jerusalem, Sanctuary and Stumbling Stone

David Nekrutman

Teaches on "Shepherding Hebraically"

Wayne Hilsden

Teaches on Ministry in the Epicenter

Yo’el Berkowitz

Teaches on the Feasts of Israel

Steve Gray

Teaches on Israel: Start-Up Nation - Impact Nation - Exit Nation

Marnix van Ede

Host & Moderator Keshet Journeys

Moshe Gabay

Host & Moderator Keshet Journeys